Introducing NHL STREET, the NHL’s official youth hockey league

We’re so excited to announce that RCX Sports and the National Hockey League (NHL) have teamed up to bring a premier youth sport experience to families nationwide, officially launching NHL STREET in select markets.  

Hockey like you’ve never seen it 

NHL STREET leagues are affordable and inclusive, with teams for boys and girls ages 6 to 16 years old. This version of the game—played on foot with a ball—is a fun-first design, keeping kids healthy and active through play.  

To put it simply: NHL STREET is bringing a new style, energy, and gameplay to the sport for kids everywhere.  

How to play NHL STREET 

While traditional hockey is played 5 on 5 with a goalie, NHL STREET is designed to be flexible, so that kids can play to their experience level, be engaged, and have fun.  

“With NHL STREET, we’re not inventing ball hockey, but we are reimagining the way you experience it, the way it makes you feel and how it connects back to the NHL,” said Andrew Ference, NHL Alumnus and NHL Director of Social Impact, Growth and Fan Development. 

Every street hockey game begins with an opening faceoff at center court and operates with a running clock. Players are on foot, trying to maintain possession of the ball and ultimately score on their opponent.  

But, of course, there are a few rules along the way that stop game play. Infractions, such as offsides, hand pass, and out of bounds, and penalties, such as high-sticking, slashing, and tripping, ensure the game is played safely and fairly.  

Playing like a pro 

When athletes register to play, they receive an exclusive NHL STREET uniform, a sublimated, reversible shirt with elements for personalization. That way, every kid feels like a pro when they sport their NHL gear.  

Street hockey equipment 

NHL STREET’s top-of-the-line ball hockey equipment was designed through their partnership with Franklin Sports, including sticks, balls, gloves, goalie equipment and shooter tutors.  

“Franklin Sports and the NHL have worked in unison for three decades to help grow the game in driveways, living rooms and school gymnasiums across the US and Canada through our NHL-branded ball, street and knee hockey equipment,” says Chris Rodday, who heads the family-owned Brand Partnerships Department. 

Check out this article to learn more about the benefits of youth ball hockey. 

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