5 Amazing Benefits of Playing Street Hockey

Families new to street hockey don’t often know what to expect during games. Is it as physical as ice hockey? Is it fun for kids?

Plain and simple, street hockey is a quick, engaging game where youth athletes of all levels can learn the fundamentals—and have fun.

Need proof? Here are five amazing benefits of playing street hockey:

Less Contact

Street hockey is played in an outdoor or indoor rink with a smooth, flat floor, similar to a tennis court. Because players are running on their feet, you won’t find as much contact in street hockey as you would in ice hockey. Even more, heavy equipment and padding isn’t required—all you need is a hockey stick and ball. This creates an approachable atmosphere where kids can learn how to play and develop their skills without the aspect of major physical contact.

Easy Commitment

We’ve all been there. School and practices and games mean back-to-back commitments. That’s why NHL STREET hockey is designed to be convenient for families, with most leagues only meeting once per week. Typically, teams practice for about 30 minutes before their game, and then the game itself is usually an hour or less. Of course, some high-level competitive leagues offer more playing time, if that’s something you’re looking for. But either way, our athletes happily squeeze NHL STREET into their jam-packed schedules.

Physical Benefits

Street hockey is a fast-paced sport with a lot of variety. Players are running, quickly changing direction, and constantly stopping and starting, which promotes cardiovascular health. It’s a game that rewards speed, agility, and endurance. Not to mention the coordination and motor skills needed when it comes to stick handling. Bottom line: youth street hockey will get kids moving.


Street hockey is, well, a bit scrappy. Inevitably, youth athletes make mistakes. Maybe they miss a shot. Or maybe an offender outmaneuvers them. In any case, they can learn to build a positive mindset and work together as a team. From bouncing back to remaining calm under pressure, street hockey offers several opportunities to improve self-confidence—and for kids, you can’t underestimate the importance of a healthy self-esteem.


With limited players on the rink in street hockey, one person can’t do everything. The team must work well together and communicate effectively in order to maintain possession and score. Of course, they also need to follow directions from their coach. When you mix this kind of camaraderie with the fun atmosphere of street hockey—like the hockey you played in your driveway as a kid—you’ve got a recipe for long-lasting friendships.

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